Biggest Loser Finale Shocking Results

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The-Biggest-LoserI am a fan of The Biggest Loser.  I love watching the journey the contestants take as they transform not only their bodies, but their entire lives.  I am always reminded that weight loss is about much more than eating healthy and working out.  I love seeing the transformation on the inside as the contestants face their deepest fears and overcome emotional issues from their past.  

I’m the first one to cheer when the finalists step on the Biggest Loser scale for the last time and share their success with the world, but last night, I felt sick when Rachel came out on stage.  What happened to her?  At the final weigh-in on the Ranch, Rachel looked amazing.  She was strong and fit, her skin was glowing, and her smile said it all!  It was evident that she was proud of her accomplishments and hard work.  It was obvious from the trainer’s reactions that they were shocked and concerned by Rachel’s final appearance as well.  

Rachel Biggest Loser
Makeover Week
Rachel Biggest Loser Finale

For me, the mood changed from one of inspiration and celebration to worry, disgust, and confusion.  The finale didn’t have the same celebratory feeling it usually does.  The trainers didn’t rush over to hug and congratulate Rachel, and the live feed was quickly cut off.  Sadly, the other two finalists, Bobby and David didn’t stand a chance and their success was overshadowed by something nobody could quite figure out.  It made me question if shows like the Biggest Loser have gone too far?   Is paying people to lose weight causing them to do whatever it takes no matter the cost?  

I understand that “reality” shows like The Biggest Loser are not really reality at all, and because of the grueling process the contestants go through, they are monitored closely by doctors while they are on the show.  I wonder if that continues when they go home from the Ranch.   If so, it seems that Rachel’s weight loss would have not been so extreme.  It’s sad that the message of The Biggest Loser of health and vitality has been tainted by the outcome this year, and it makes me question whether paying people for losing weight is a good idea.  

I don’t know anything about Rachel’s circumstances, or what she did between the end of the show and the finale, but her emaciated appearance and final 105 pound weigh-in make me question whether she took excessive measures during that time.  I think what saddens me is Rachel was one of my favorites throughout the season.  I watched and cheered her on as she had success after success.  I loved seeing her grow and blossom from the inside out as she found confidence and felt pride in her achievements.  But in the end, somehow the ultimate win doesn’t feel like a win at all.

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