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The-Biggest-LoserI am a fan of The Biggest Loser.  I love watching the journey the contestants take as they transform not only their bodies, but their entire lives.  I am always reminded that weight loss is about much more than eating healthy and working out.  I love seeing the transformation on the inside as the contestants face their deepest fears and overcome emotional issues from their past.  

I’m the first one to cheer when the finalists step on the Biggest Loser scale for the last time and share their success with the world, but last night, I felt sick when Rachel came out on stage.  What happened to her?  At the final weigh-in on the Ranch, Rachel looked amazing.  She was strong and fit, her skin was glowing, and her smile said it all!  It was evident that she was proud of her accomplishments and hard work.  It was obvious from the trainer’s reactions that they were shocked and concerned by Rachel’s final appearance as well.  

Rachel Biggest Loser
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Rachel Biggest Loser Finale

For me, the mood changed from one of inspiration and celebration to worry, disgust, and confusion.  The finale didn’t have the same celebratory feeling it usually does.  The trainers didn’t rush over to hug and congratulate Rachel, and the live feed was quickly cut off.  Sadly, the other two finalists, Bobby and David didn’t stand a chance and their success was overshadowed by something nobody could quite figure out.  It made me question if shows like the Biggest Loser have gone too far?   Is paying people to lose weight causing them to do whatever it takes no matter the cost?  

I understand that “reality” shows like The Biggest Loser are not really reality at all, and because of the grueling process the contestants go through, they are monitored closely by doctors while they are on the show.  I wonder if that continues when they go home from the Ranch.   If so, it seems that Rachel’s weight loss would have not been so extreme.  It’s sad that the message of The Biggest Loser of health and vitality has been tainted by the outcome this year, and it makes me question whether paying people for losing weight is a good idea.  

I don’t know anything about Rachel’s circumstances, or what she did between the end of the show and the finale, but her emaciated appearance and final 105 pound weigh-in make me question whether she took excessive measures during that time.  I think what saddens me is Rachel was one of my favorites throughout the season.  I watched and cheered her on as she had success after success.  I loved seeing her grow and blossom from the inside out as she found confidence and felt pride in her achievements.  But in the end, somehow the ultimate win doesn’t feel like a win at all.

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Did you watch The Biggest Loser finale?  What was your reaction?  Did you feel confused or excited about the results?


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    I definitely had the same reaction. The look on Jillian’s face when she walked out said it all and makes me think they aren’t monitored once off he ranch. She was pretty tiny her last weigh in on the ranch and to win she was definitely going to have to go a bit extreme, I kind of expected it. But she definitely went too far. As someone who struggled with an eating disorder, I saw her last night and my first thought was that she looked like I did at my lowest. And when I think about what I was doing to myself then, it made me so sad for her. She was my favorite this season and I loved cheering her on, but last night was upsetting.
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  2. Paula says

    I didn’t watch this season, because we got rid of cable and don’t even get local channels, but my sister called me and told me how terrible Rachel looked. We both hoped that maybe she knew that to win, she had to lose an EXTREME amount of weight between the end of the show and the finale…and that she would put some weight back on after to get to a healthy weight. I’ve watched many of the previous seasons of Biggest Loser and it seems to me that they really do give people the tools to continue to maintain their weight after losing so much and to keep living a healthy life…but they really can’t control what people do or don’t do after the show. Hopefully she will have family support to get to a healthy weight and be able to maintain that.

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      I agree that the show teaches healthy habits, and I know it inspires a lot of people. And you’re right that what people choose to do is out of their control once they leave the show. Unfortunately, losing weight is such an emotional process that anyone could fall victim to making it an unhealthy obsession. If nothing else, hopefully people are made more aware of the possibility of such a thing happening because with awareness comes solutions. Thanks for stopping by!

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    you are definitely not alone in your reaction. I was horrified with what I saw. I am a big fan of this show, been watching since it’s inception and while I know “reality” tv isn’t always all that – the carrot of $250K dangled in front of the participants highlights the game show-ness of all of this. So sad.
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      Rachel being motivated by the money would actually be preferred rather than her having developed an eating disorder. I hope for her sake she can settle into a healthy weight.

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    Hi Kimberley,
    So glad you posted on this! Each person’s body looks different at their healthiest, and that was not healthy. As someone who struggled with an eating disorder in the past, I think the Biggest Loser needs to shift gears. We need to foster a mindset to push each other to be Our own individual best, not the stick-thin stereo type…Negative media has gone too far!
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      I actually feel bad for her because she’s being slammed in the media today. I think it says a lot about our culture though. I hope she just lost weight for the prize and maintains a healthy weight from here on out.

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    I watched two season and that was about it. People have to remember it is a reality TV show and even the way the trainers train on the show isn’t real life. When the show was new, people in my class asked do I train my client like Bob and Jillian, I told them no because I didn’t want a lawsuit. There is not way a trainer would run a 400 pound person up a hill or to the point where the person is going to throw up when they first start training a new client. I have to remind people that the contestants probably sign a waiver and agree they won’t sue if they are injured or die from extreme training. With that said, she wanted to win the money and she did, so was it a bad thing, only time will tell.
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    As I’ve watched the show over the years I’ve always wished there could be an accurate way to measure overall health, including (but not limited to) the numbers on a scale. With all the press this has gotten, I’m guessing there will be much follow-up with Rachel, and maybe changes to how the show is done. I’m guessing it can be tempting to take extreme measures when there is so much money on the line. Being fit and healthy should be reward enough, don’t you think?
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  7. Daisy says

    I used to love this show, but then I got so busy and stopped watching. I really want to get back into it. I really love to see follow up after the show.

  8. says

    No congrats at the end is really odd. I’m sorry the end of the show felt off to you. I’ve never seen it, we rarely watch anything but news or sports, but my MIL and SIL love that show!
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  9. Jessica says

    I completely agree. She and Dave looked like they had gone overboard. She just looked sick, like a skeleton. I hope she realizes what she needs to do from here.

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    She was also a favorite of mine during the season, and I was shocked and so sad when she walked out onto the stage during the finale. I’m sad that she chose to do that to herself, knowing that she is being viewed by millions of people–including young people who are very impressionable. I really hope BL addresses this somehow. What a shame.
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    I did think she looked too thin. I’ve thought about the reaction to her extreme weight loss a lot these past couple days. It’s a shame our society is not focusing more on getting healthy. Why are we not having the same reaction when we hear our country is now two-thirds overweight or obese? Both extremes are very worrisome. Our unhealthy habits needs to stop. It’s our own individual responsibility to set good examples for our children and be at a healthy weight.
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    I avoided almost all social media until I could watch the finale. I guess my reaction was similar but different from yours. I can totally see your point but my first reaction was she worked her butt off and deserved to win. My second thought was I hope she is healthy and has not created a health problem to replace the health and weight problem. Last, don’t you think most people would do the same for 250,000? I haven’t followed the media but if it’s been a bash Rachel frenzy, no thank you. The emotional side of weight loss is all consuming! She overcame serious emotional obstacles and deserves the credit. I wish her nothing but happiness and good health.

    Great post Kim!
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    I didn’t watch this season of Biggest Loser because I was so focused on my weight loss that I didn’t have time to watch tv. However, I did look at photos of this girl’s transformation. I will say that she is shockingly thin, but I think it’s completely understandable that she would go to these extremes because $250k was on the line. I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same for that amount of money! It’s sad, but not unexpected. I think that her actual weight is barely below the “recommended range” for her height (5′ 4″), but because she lost so much so fast and started out so large, her current weight is shocking. I wish everyone would make such a huge outcry for all the celebrities who are just as skinny as this girl yet get celebrated for their thinness.
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